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If I get that with WWE, I’ll give so much.” is armed with options for her future.She fulfilled a promise to herself by returning to school, and is now a marketing major at Post University in Connecticut.

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In the video, Natalya and Tyson Kidd tell Cameron that they are back together and are working through their issues.

"TJ and I are very committed to making it work and to growing and learning together and building an even stronger bond," Natalya said.

- Renee Young appeared on the podcast and talked about dating Dean Ambrose.

She said that they were dating and "in love," but that they try to keep their love life private.

"I can't give away too much, because we are very private about our relationship because we respect it," Young said (props to MTV UK for the transcription).

"We don't need people knowing about it or caring what we're doing I'm not going to post pictures of us on the internet but people berate me no matter what I post on the internet." Below is a photo of Ambrose and Young arriving to RAW together last summer, which we posted on our Instagram account last July.Make sure to follow us on Instagram at Instagram.com/Wrestling INC, and send us your photos by clicking here (select "Sending Photos" from the dropdown). Back then, I would send VHS tapes, which sounds a little archaic now, to promoters in hopes that I’d get a call. I didn’t care if I had to live at home, or quit a job that wouldn’t give me weekends off, I wouldn’t stop.”Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley are the most decorated tag team in wrestling history, having won tag titles around the world on 23 separate occasions.The duo recently celebrated their twentieth anniversary together. “We talk about wrestling a lot together and he has an amazing mind for the business, but he is also an incredible person. He is so motivating and helps me believe in myself.”“Nobody gets in this business just to bump.I’ve never stopped learning, so I’m glad I have not worked there yet.All I ever wanted in the business was a chance, an opportunity.

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