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Is there more room for Sherlock to evolve after four seasons? Watson — are going to be there and are, essentially, the same people [as in the original].The great thing about this creation, both in Conan Doyle’s version and our version, is it delivers what people want from Sherlock Holmes — a rock-steady presence. The fact that Sherlock is in recovery gives you somewhere to move, but we don’t want to move too far away from who he is. “Elementary” has, so far, steered away from any romance between Holmes and Watson.I think we’re all on the same page here as far as that goes.

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Jonny Lee Miller is best-known to TV fans as quirky, brilliant Sherlock Holmes, the recovering addict and crime solver who teams with Dr.

Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) on “Elementary” to help the NYPD crack labyrinthine cases (usually involving murder).

The modern-day take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s sleuth is now in its fourth season on CBS.

The British-born Miller, 43, took time out from his hectic shooting schedule to talk to The Post about “Elementary,” why Sherlock and Watson will (likely) never hook up, his love for New York City and his late grandfather — actor Bernard Lee (“The Third Man”), who played intelligence chief “M” in the first 11 “James Bond” movies (from 1962 to 1979).

There are some things you can play with and some you can’t.

The fact that one’s a man and one’s a woman is irrelevant; it’s who they are as people that’s important.

The original Holmes and Watson were not romantically involved and, therefore, neither should we [be romantically involved].

It’s good to have people’s minds racing and thinking one thing or another, but we’re in the Holmes and Watson business.

That won’t change unless someone else swoops in and takes over and turns the ship upside-down. We shoot [in New York City] nine-and-a-half months of the year, 24 episodes a season, and New York is my home.

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