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The reality TV star told Us: 'I don’t know that I have a specific person that I'm looking for. When things didn’t work out between the two of them in May 2015, Chris took some time to focus on his farm in Arlington, Iowa.But after several months on his own, Chris feels it may be time to go back on the prowl!

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He also wasn’t afraid to admit that before his television fame, he was actually on Tinder — imagine running across his profile!

Although he didn’t say if he’s still on it, he may just be interested in trying again now that he’s ready to date!

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Living and working in such a small town can be extremely limiting when it comes to dating, but Chris said it should hopefully be easier as “a lot more doors are open” thanks to his exposure on .

And when it comes to finding someone that enjoys farming as much as he does, Chris isn’t so concerned about that!

“I’m open to that, but it’s hard to find,” he said.

“So I’m more interested in finding a person to fall in love with who’s my best friend and that I have a lot in common with, but it doesn’t have to be farm related.” Sounds like Chris is pretty open-minded with girls!

As anyone would after a breakup, Chris admitted that while he’s open to it now, he wasn’t exactly itching to jump right back into the dating life.

“I’m ready to date, but there was a while there where dating and I were…I had no interest in dating,” he said.

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