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It takes a strong man to catch the affections of the Scorpio woman, for she is a mysterious creature.She does not open up easily to others, and you may never truly know the depths of her character.

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To earn that trust, be open about who you are and what you want.

Don’t play mind games or hard to get, because she already knows your intentions.

Scorpio women can read people like a book and she already has you figured out.

So just talk to her and appeal to her intellect with thoughtful conversation.

She will appreciate your upfront manner and respond favorably.

The Scorpio woman will even come up with the first date idea, for she doesn’t mind taking the reins.

If you show her you can handle that she’ll gladly offer you a second one.

It’s not easy striking up a conversation with the lady scorpion, because she is constantly surrounded by admirers.

And she doesn’t seek this attention – it simply follows her wherever she goes.

The Scorpio lady is dark and alluring and people want to know what she’s hiding.

But she won’t reveal it to you until she knows she can trust you.

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