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13 January 1978Charley Turkel plans to spring his brother Henry from prison by holding the Home Secretary as a hostage - as CI5 discover when they arrest a small-time hood who has robbed Tutkel's armoury.

It is a demonstration to impress smooth villain Simon Sinclair whom they coerce into employing them on another job.

For Bodie their capture is more than a job for he knows them from his own mercenary days and their leader, Krivas, killed his girlfriend.

Acting on information from captured gang member Benny, Cowley 'suspends' Doyle and Bodie to thwart the raid and get Krivas in their own way.

27 January 1978American senator John Jerry Patterson is assassinated in daylight in bogus roadworks in full view of other motorists.

To flush out the killers Cowley prepares a newspaper story claiming that their faces have been recognised but the witnesses' identities are erroneously disclosed and two are murdered.

Working with loose cannon operative Tommy, Bodie and Doyle must protect the others and identify the gang, in which they are helped by a witness who offers himself as bait.

3 February 1978A group of mercenaries dressed as soldiers rob a bank, escaping by plane from which they parachute out.

For marathon preview, more reports, facts and pictures see Thursday's Somerset County Gazette.

30 December 1977Charles Nesbitt, an expert on chemical warfare, has a plan to flood the water supply of London with lethal hallucenogenic drugs.

In order to show what he has in mind he intends to have a dummy run outside of the capital and the Professionals have to head him off. agent, introduces young Sara Seaford "accidentally" to Sir Charles Milvain, a man tipped to be the next Prime Minister, with a view to gaining secret information from him and ultimately destroying him and his government.

6 January 1978The Professionals get involved after Terkoff, a Russian K. Sara turns out to be the long-lost daughter of a prostitute, Ann, whose pimp is not above a little murder.

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