Updating specific row in cursor esl dating

The statement can be a simple statement such as SET var_name = value, or a compound statement written using BEGIN and END.

Cursor declarations must appear after variable and condition declarations but before handler declarations.

Also keep in mind that the cursor SELECT statement cannot have an INTO clause; it's strictly read-only.

While we won't be looking at the use of multiple cursors within the same stored proc, it is entirely possible to have multiple cursors in the same code block, but each cursor must have a unique name. HANDLER statement specifies a handler that deals with one or more conditions.

If one of these conditions occurs, the specified statement executes.

As promised in the My SQL Cursors and Loops article, this article explores the use of cursors and their role in stored procedure programming.

A cursor is a special kind of loop for traversing through an SQL resultset one row at a time.

That allows us to perform operations on every record on a one-by-one basis.

The DECLARE statement declares a cursor and associates it with a SELECT statement that retrieves the rows to be traversed by the cursor.

At that point, a No Data condition fires with SQLSTATE value '02000'.

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