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If you love romance that is both humorous and tender--and enjoy rock-n-roll from the Sixties--this novel is for you.Kristie is a DJ at a Chicago oldies radio station, and she has a dream: to fall in love and marry just like the girl in the song, "Then He Kissed Me" by the Crystals.

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It has finally been deciphered, but one page of the key has disappeared.

Many parties are interested in finding this missing page, some sinister.

They all eventually converge on a small university town in Georgia where an exciting climax occurs.

A brilliant young NIU physicist believes he can't afford to fall in love at this point in his career.

A bright, vivacious NIU graduate runs a lingerie boutique and is ready to meet someone new.

But she unknowingly comes into possession of some important research on cold fusion that has world-changing implications.

Soon both lives are on the line as an ever-deepening romance, mixed with increasing suspense and danger, carries the reader to the climactic conclusion.

This effort is successful, but the result is a series of hilariously disastrous dates.

All the while, however, there's a growing attraction between Kristie and Joel, both devotees of Sixties rock-n-roll.

The music plays a major role not only in the many humorous interactions between them but also in the tender scenes that develop their growing romantic relationship. This novel brings together an exciting mixture of intrigue, danger, ancient empires, and romance.

A famous code giving the location of an Assyrian artifact has baffled archaeologists for over a hundred years.

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