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The nation is replete with World War II memorials, in small towns and big cities, including the newest one in our nation's capital. For more than four decades, they have been stored in two buildings in St. (National Personnel Records Center) Each year, NPRC's staff of about 600 respond to more than 2 million requests for information, copies of documents, or the return of files to the agencies that created them or to other trusted users.But there is just one place that contains personal military information about nearly every American who served in that conflict, as well as those who served at other times during the 20th century: the National Archives and Records Administration's National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, one for former members of the military, and one for former members of the civil service. Chester Nimitz, and Baseball Hall of Famers Ted Williams and Jackie Robinson. Most of these records are owned by the military services and the Office of Personnel Management and managed under their rules and regulations.

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In 1950 the Pentagon decided to consolidate all personnel and health records of former service members in St. Each of the military services managed its own records there. Four years later, the Pentagon reassigned management of these records to the National Archives and Records Service (NARS), within the General Services Administration.

The present building opened in 1956 with the records of the U. Marine Corps personnel records arrived in 1962, the Coast Guard's in 1964.

Stories of America's Defenders The OMPFs hold the stories of millions of individuals who defended our nation throughout the many wars of the 20th century.

About 25 percent of the holdings in each building are medical records of active duty military personnel, their dependents, and retirees, from military hospitals and clinics since 1943. Besides the OPFs and health-related records, the building also stores records for the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Treasury Department.

Among the holdings are the World War II Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs) of former Presidents George H. It also serves as a records center depository for federal agencies in the St. It holds all the master microfiche of Official Military Personnel Folders created since the mid-1970s.

Recent OPFs contain only documentation of official activities during one's civilian employment, such as position descriptions, promotions, training, and pay adjustments—information more likely of interest to the agency where the person worked and only sometimes to the former employee or that person's family.

Older files contain colorful descriptions of a wide range of government service ranging from Indian agents from the Old West to employees of the Lifesaving and Lighthouse Service.

However, information from these records is primarily for official use by government agencies.

Selected excerpts are available to the general public if the requester identifies a specific individual and the agency that employed the person.

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