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The waiting period begins on the date of the petitioner’s release from confinement.Alternatively, if the conviction resulted in probation or a fine, but no term of imprisonment, the waiting period begins on the date of sentencing.

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This Kirigami is fun for your kids and your innerchild! If you enjoy arts and crafts, pop-up, scrapbooking and origami, you will enjoy these craft projects too.

Like origami, Kirigami is the craft of paper, with the added technique of Japanese paper cutting. My husband was so excited to help our five year old make this that he went out and bought a brand new Exact-o Set for the occasion!

Kirigami will enhance any origami, pop-up and scrapbook project and scrapbook and origami techniques will enhance Kirigami. I loved the finished product so much that I even purchased the beautiful Blossom Collection for myself.

Kirigami pop-ups make unique gifts for any occasion and the recipient will enjoy seeing their pop-up card take form before their eyes.

This Jurassic Kirigami is a six page glue-less pattern.

Petition for Pardon after Completion of Sentence Federal Convictions Only Under the Constitution, the President has the authority to grant pardon for federal offenses, including those obtained in the United States District Courts, the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, and military courts-martial.

The President cannot pardon a state criminal offense.

Accordingly, if you are seeking clemency for a state criminal conviction, you should not complete and submit this petition.

Instead, you should contact the Governor or other appropriate authorities for the state where the conviction occurred (e.g., the state board of pardons and paroles) to determine whether any relief is available to you under state law.

Five Year Waiting Period Under the Department’s rules governing petitions for executive clemency, there is a minimum waiting period of five years after completion of sentence before anyone convicted of a federal offense becomes eligible to apply for a presidential pardon.

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