Is drew van acker dating anyone

He managed to get into school on a scholarship for his art, so he doesn’t take his education at Rosewood for granted. sleeping in class, but the moment he’s rudely awakened by a teacher, he’ll know the answer to the question they are asking him.

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For the last three years, he’s been pining over the same girl: Cassandra Maston.

She was the girl of his dreams, the only girl for him.

He’s never told her about his feelings, scared of rejection that he could possibly face.

So he continues to silently pine after the beautiful girl, putting his raw emotions into his artwork.

His art isn’t to be hung up on a wall in some snobby rich person’s bathroom wall; it should change the world. His hair was slicked back, flowers in hand and he looked like a penguin in his suit. Time went by and she still hadn’t arrived to the party; he was starting to feel the nerves.

So every night, he goes out into the night and tags up some wall in town. The sly comments from the meatheads were not helping things, so his best friend Logan recommended liquid courage.He’s tired of the perfection of this town, the high expectations everyone holds for one another. PJ wasn’t really into drinking, but it did seem like something that would calm him down. “There’s going to be a very awkward family dinner with his aunt and his sister,” Showrunner Marlene King recently told the mag.She has been calling this the “season of homecomings.Brant Daugherty and Tammin Sursok are also set to reprise their roles as Noel and Jenna, respectively.Peter Johnson or “PJ” as he’s commonly referred to is the epitome of a hopeless romantic.

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