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Hostages reached by Berkeleyside said recovery had taken a long time, and that they continued to feel some effects from the trauma.“The initial shock lasted a long time,” said Stacey Helley, who was shot in the arm when Dashti opened fire. 26, 1990, he asked a friend to take him to a bar where he would find a lot of white women with blond hair.She recalled the sound of bullet casings hitting the ground after he emptied the gun. That plays on a loop in my brain, randomly — even today.” Mehrdad Dashti lived in Berkeley about a mile from Henry’s, on Martin Luther King Jr. The friend suggested Henry’s, at Durant Avenue and Bowditch Street just south of the UC Berkeley campus.

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In addition to the sexual assaults, he carried out mock executions of hostages, and used others as human shields.

Police described him at the time as “deranged.” “That’s what was scary,” recalled one of the injured hostages, Jon Landa.

“He was asking for things that weren’t really feasible outcomes.

You knew that it wasn’t going to end well.” The incident is widely considered among the most significant cases ever handled by BPD, which describes it as one of the nation’s most successful hostage rescue operations.

The 25-year anniversary of the incident passed quietly on Sunday. One of the eight people shot by Dashti ultimately succumbed to his wounds: 22-year-old UC Berkeley student John Sheehy, who was known to friends as “Nick.” Though decades have passed, the incident still has resonance for community members.

A few officers who were on the police team that entered Henry’s to rescue the hostages met Sunday at the bar to reminisce, including one who traveled all the way from Oregon for the reunion.

According to a waitress, several other people stopped into Henry’s in recent days to mention the incident or inquire about it.

The shots rang out just after midnight, leaving seven people injured and dozens held hostage in Henry’s Publick House at the Hotel Durant in Berkeley’s Southside neighborhood. For the survivors, it was just the beginning of a more than seven-hour standoff between a schizophrenic man who heard voices and would order bizarre sexual assaults of his female hostages before being shot by police 24 times as he lunged, armed with a gun, toward a group of hostages when police moved in to detain him.

Mehrdad Dashti, 29, had brought with him 445 rounds of ammunition, and three guns.

He demanded trillions of dollars from the federal government in exchange for telepathy services he said he had provided.

He told them he would accept three states in lieu of the cash.

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