Hookup zone

From there, the Zone 2 or Zone 3 application must be powered "ON" and set to the proper analog input source that you want to output.

"Multi-Zone" (Zone 2 and/or Zone 3) is a feature in your Denon receiver that can produce independent audio/video signals to different parts of your home for a whole house audio (or video) application.

With a receiver that supports Multi-Zone, (Zone 2 and/or Zone 3) you can play surround sound through your home theater application in one room while you have another room outputting an analog input signal, such as CD or Tuner.

In addition, using the remote will allow you complete control of both zones independently regarding power, source, and volume.

You can access a Multi Zone application in different ways with our receivers.

Most receivers we manufacture are 7 channel amplifiers meaning you can power up to 7 speakers with the receiver.

If you're running a 5.1 application, (5 speakers + a subwoofer) you would have 2 channels left over for use with a multi zone application.Your multi zone speakers would connect to the "Surround Back / Amp Assign" speaker teminals on the receiver's rear panel.You would then have to set the "Amp Assign" menu option to "Zone 2" or "Zone 3" depending on which zone you want powered.The Zone 2 and Zone 3 pre-outs allow for a basic RCA type connection to an external power amplifier.The number of speakers you can use for your additional zone will be dependent on how many channels the external amplifier supports.*To control Zone 2 or Zone 3 (powered or pre-out) using your Denon remote, please make sure you first press the "Zone Select" button on the remote to switch control from the Main Zone to either Zone 2 or Zone 3.

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