History on latin dating customs

Understanding cross-cultural psychology and the effects its premises can have on human development is often complex.The encouraging thing, however, there are many elements of culture that is similar to all cultures.

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I chose this culture because there has been a lot of controversy over the migration of its members to American.

In addition, the Latino people have not been given credit for the importance of their family traditions and heritage.

Through I am an African American, engrained with the White majorities norms and values, I identify with the Latino because I believe that a collectivize approach to family development is essential for generational continuity.

I also believe that it is important to human development.

The Latino culture with its strong religious beliefs, family values, and desire to overcome poverty through hard work is something I admire.

In the process of growth and migration, they have brought with them a collectivism of culture that can only be said to enrich the individualism of this country.

Matsumoto (2001) points out that the framework of culture can be a catalysis that produces a collective human effort and create a dynamic integrative system which intersects religion, culture, and economic cohesiveness The Latino community demonstrates this integrative process that provides a significant impact on American cultural psychic.

There are sub-cultures such as that of African Americans, Irish, Asian, Latinos, and many others.

So in developing creditable research on the American cultural, one must include the significant influences these cultural developments have on the overall majority cultural values.

One of the things that have proved itself true cultural values in the United States has evolved over the last 25 years. Census projections indicate that this population is about 15% of the United States population.

Latinos also known as Hispanics have over the last 20 years grown to be second largest population in the United States. This is about 45 million people one of the emerging cultures that have had a great influence on the evolution has been Latino culture.

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