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Since 2009, the Department has successfully dismantled several major espionage networks including: The Department of Justice has prevented U. military and strategic technologies from falling into the wrong hands. These efforts have resulted in hundreds of investigations, indictments and arrests, as well numerous successful extraditions and the disruption of major international procurement networks, particularly those seeking U. munitions and sensitive technology for Iran and China. The Department of Justice has continued to identify and disrupt Narco-terrorist networks.In recent years, the Department has increased its multi-agency efforts to counter the ever-growing threat posed by the illegal foreign acquisition of controlled U. In recent years, roughly a third of the major export and embargo-related criminal prosecutions have involved the attempted transfer of controlled U. Since 2009, the Department has continued to combat drug trafficking by those who use the profits to fund terrorist activities with a particular focus in Afghanistan and Pakistan.Examples include: Violent crime rates have steadily declined in the last five years as the Department has successfully prosecuted national, international gangs and traditional organized crime groups.

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The Department is using innovative law enforcement strategies to prosecute cyber and intellectual property crime.

The Department has advanced the fight against intellectual property crime, which threatens the global economy and stifles innovation and creativity, as well as global cyber threats, which can disrupt critical infrastructure such as the power grid, nuclear power plants, financial and banking institutions, transportation systems and vital communication systems.

Cybercrime also plays a key role in the theft of classified, personal identification information, and valuable intellectual property.

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On his first day as Attorney General, Eric Holder promised the Department's top priority — and its chief responsibility — would be protecting the security, rights and interests of the American people.

Five years later, together with the extraordinary men and women who serve at the Department of Justice, that promise has been fulfilled and under Attorney General Holder the Department will continue its important work on behalf of all Americans.

Here you will find some of the Justice Department’s top accomplishments under the leadership of Attorney General Holder.

Terrorism and National Security | Violent Crime | Financial Fraud Protecting Vulnerable Populations | Transparency | Protecting the Environment The Department of Justice has thwarted multiple terrorist plots against the United States.

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