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He beheld a defiant Jewish mother, Paulina Chiger, clutching two children closely to her chest.Deeply moved by the frightened youngsters, he broke out in a magnificent smile.Leopold Socha was not merely any sewer worker; he was Chief Supervisor of all of Lvov's sewers.

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Once home to Poland's third largest Jewish community, Lvov's 100,000 Jews numbered less than 8,000. For months, a small group of Jews were preparing for this moment.

Watching helplessly at the fate of their children, some women threw themselves down from several stories high.

Jewish children were rounded up and tossed into awaiting trucks like sacks of raw potatoes.

The three Poles could have easily handed them over to the Nazis for a reward of badly needed food.

With no options before them, Weiss and Chiger explained what they had done.

A cherubic-looking Pole named Leopold Socha was amused.He followed the diggers and raised himself up through the floor of the ghetto apartment. Hundreds made a dash for the sewers, hoping to avoid detection by vicious German dogs and their inhuman masters.Yaakov Berestycki understood the fate of Lvov's already martyred Jews would soon be his own.Daily, he and a few others clawed away at a concrete floor with spoons and forks and small tools from the apartment of a Jew named Weiss to gain entry into the sewers. Weeks before the ghetto's destruction they broke through and lowered themselves into the sewers of Lvov.As they searched for a place that might be their 'home,' they were discovered by three Polish sewer workers.

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