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It is known as the Duck owing to a Donald Duck sticker pasted on to the headstock of the instrument.

The guitar currently features a mint-green pickguard.

The Duck guitar has various stickers pasted all over its body -- a Donald Duck sticker at the headstock, a sticker with the words "Play Loud" in front, and Ferrari prancing horse logo stickers in the back and encountered a 17th century lute that a customer had brought to repair.

This lute featured a scalloped neck and intrigued Malmsteen enough to try scalloping the neck of an old guitar in similar fashion.

The results were impressive enough to convince him to try the same operation out on some of his better guitars.

Around this time, he also replaced the standard frets on the fingerboard with jumbo frets.

The guitar was refretted at least once in 1987 when an over-enthusiastic fan threw a half-empty bottle on stage in Anchorage, Alaska, striking the guitar so hard that it caused the 17th fret to pop out of the wood.

The various stickers on the guitar's body were applied over the years, with the Donald Duck sticker on the headstock being one of the first ones, as seen in some of his earliest photographs with that guitar.

In a 1994 interview, the guitarist mentioned that the instrument had suffered damage due to him throwing it in the air and occasionally failing to catch it on the way back down.

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