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'It was this drug, Propofol, that the defendant administered to the complainant,' prosecutor Eun-Ha Kim said during a hearing in the Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday, according to the New York Post.Newman is the author of 'Hippocrates' Shadow: Secrets From the House of Medicine', a book that examines 'the fraying of patient-doctor relations' and advocates a 'new paradigm to rebuild the bridge between physicians and their patients'.A doctor’s insistence on attempting to insert a tube into a patient’s arm amounted to assault, a renowned orthopaedic surgeon claimed on Thursday at a disciplinary inquiry.

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Prof Mc Elwain said he would consider Dr Hassan’s continued attempts to cannulate – or insert a needle into – AK after she requested him to stop “a very, very serious matter”. Consultant Odhran Murray, who worked with Dr Hassan in Galway, told the inquiry of an instance in which his former colleague mistook an X-ray of an ankle for an image of an elbow during a trauma conference with colleagues.

“I would categorise that as assault,” said Prof Mc Elwain, adding that the allegations in relation to this matter, if proven, amount to poor professional performance and professional misconduct. Doctors were discussing cases and Dr Hassan answered a question regarding an X-ray.

Mr Murray said on Thursday that an image of an ankle went up.

Last week, a patient, a mother referred to as AK , told the inquiry she was due to have surgery in September 2012 at the Portlaoise hospital.

In order to provide AK with intravenous fluid, Dr Hassan attempted to insert a needle into her arm but was not able to find a vein.

AK said that, after several attempts, she knew the line was not in correctly so she asked Dr Hassan not to continue.She said she became distressed because Dr Hassan continued his attempts to insert the needle even after she said she did not want him to do it.Meanwhile, a former colleague of Dr Hassan’s from the Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise told the ongoing inquiry at the Medical Council that he does not recall any negative incidents with Dr Hassan.Dr Hassan faces a number of allegations relating to time he spent working at the Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise in 2012, Mayo General Hospital in 2013 and University Hospital Galway in 2014.Dr Hassan, whose medical registration is suspended, denies the allegations.John Mc Elwain, clinical professor of trauma and orthopaedic surgery at Trinity College Dublin, argued that a large number of the allegations against Dr Hassan constituted poor professional performance and professional misconduct.

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