Dating roommates ex

My question involves a roommate in the State of: Massachusetts.Long story short, my former roommate moved out a month and a half ago, but still owes feb/march utilities.I've sent her 3 emails reminding her, the last one threatening a small claims court summons if she didn't pay me before a specified date.

They have emailed each other since the phone call and seem to be on OK terms.

My question is do I also need to call my ex to talk about the fact that I'm dating his friend, even though we haven't spoken for an entire year?

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Can I still take her to court to get my $40 filing fee back, or can I contact the court to negate it after I have filed the claim?

If you settle the case for everything you've claimed in advance of the hearing date and have been paid in full, you would dismiss your case and absorb the filing fee.

If you settle but have not been paid in full you would want to consider filing with the court before the trial date an “Agreement for Judgment and for Payment Order” form, signed by both you and the defendant. It was unclear whether or not we would date for a 4th. Before he moved cross-country last year, we hung out for 4 months.Ultimately, we did not end up dating given that he was moving.In the year that he has been gone, we have not been in contact. My boyfriend recently called my ex to let him know that we're dating.My ex was surprised and took it harder than my boyfriend expected.

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