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Cloudy J (better known as "CJ") is a recurring character in Regular Show.CJ was Mordecai's second known girlfriend and now his ex-girlfriend, becoming Margaret's chief rival for his affections, and made her debut in the episode "Yes Dude Yes". CJ is a cloud-humanoid with white skin and a cloud-like face with hair that looks as if it's tied in a pony-tail with a big bushy fringe.

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If pushed too far, CJ will morph into a mass array of thunder storms with rain and damaging winds.

She has a hard time controlling her negative emotions to the point where she can become violent when angry and moody when upset.Her emotions are clearly visible based on her cloud color. CJ is introduced in "Yes Dude Yes" as one of the dates Mordecai is set up with by the "Couple Corral".In the episode "Maxin' and Relaxin", she also reveals that she is a funny person, a habit similar to Mordecai and Rigby and also smart.The Phone Guardians call her witty and independent.This doesn't mean she won't tease or make fun of others, although it is usually good-spirited.Befitting her cloud-like nature, CJ's appearance mimics her emotional state: when she is happy, she is a white cloud; when she is angry or upset, she becomes a rain cloud.

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