Dating guy with eyebrow pierced

Thanks Well, you could even get them pierced with retainers (quartz) if you wanted but they definitely wouldn't be unnoticeable.I wouldn't get them pierced and then change it within a week, that's just asking for irritation.

And if anyone believes in a particular side meaning something they deserve a kick to the face ; D You could, but wouldn't that be a bit of a waste of money, and sort of altogether pointless?

If you're into wrestling then maybe an eyebrow piercing isn't the best option for you, sometimes piercings can heal up after a few hours even after they're fully healed so you may never be able to leave them out for a few hours for wrestling, and it would be pretty expensive, as well as not good in terms of scar tissue to keep getting it repierced.

Well Wrestling is only 4-5 months a year and only 2 seasons left in my "Career" so i just have to get it repeirced after this season coming up then it will be fully healed by next season which I can probably manage to have it out for an hour max.

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I am a guy who wants to get black double barbell spikes on my left eyebrow.

now my work doesn't allow piercings so could I basically within the first week take them out and put unnoticable clear retainers in?Also after 2 and a half months when wrestling starts will it be ok to have them out for 2 hours?Also what's the sterotype on this for guys, I want it either way I'm just curious?You can download and obtain this astonishing image that we gave by click the download button below to get our high definition versions. You can acquire eyebrow piercing for guy and see the whole story in Cool Eyebrow Piercing.i'm planning to get my eyebrow pierced (though my parents dont' know that yet) and i have a few questions for anyone here who's had experience w/ this stuff 1)how much does it hurt? ~ Missy i've heard of guys who've done that missy, my younger brother has a female friend who also got her, uhm, yeah, that, pierced and did your friend who took out her eyebrow have a large, or highly visible scar?(i'm a wuss) 2)do you know of any reputable and CLEAN ones in toronto, canada? my parents have agreed to it, so long as i can be sure thta it won't leave a big scar if i let it heal over Originally posted by Huehuetenango 1)how much does it hurt?

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