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Penna San Giovanni is located on a rocky protuberance (hence the name “Penna”, i.e.

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A few kilometres away from the centre is located Villa Saline.

In 1292, the village and its park were annexed to the Holy See, to which Penna San Giovanni had always been loyal.

Here was established the salt factory, a source of wealth for the whole town.

The park has damp but fascinating surroundings, and is rich in typical fauna and flora.

The park still preserves the remains of the Rocca, an old watchtower.

The town centre still maintains its Medieval surrounding walls, with its well-preserved ancient entrance gates and the 12th century municipal tower.The Municipal Palace exhibits imperial-age relics, an old mosaic, and a Crivelli-style triptych depicting a Madonna with Child.Noteworthy are also the Church of San Giovanni Battista, dating back to the 13th century but restored in 1736; the 15th century Church of San Francesco, converted to a Baroque style in the 18th century but still maintaining its original portal and a wonderful 13th century wooden choir; the 13th century church of Saint Philomena’s Church.The Salino River itself represents a treasure for the town, due to its natural mineral waters, rich in saltiness, bromine, iodine and sulphur.Its therapeutic properties were discovered in 1876 while, in more recent years, thermal water intake structures were reactivated, and ten itineraries were created along the Salino and Tennacola rivers.The most important and famous monument in Penna San Giovanni is the 1780 Flora Theatre.

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