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The collection and capabilities of data bound controls has increased in . I will use some of those new features for the sample code in this article.

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Two-way data binding can save you a ton of coding, as long as you can get the bound controls to behave the way you want them to. NET 2.0, getting what you expect in minimal code becomes a whole lot easier.

In this article, I will explore how to use the Binding Source and Binding objects to set up associations between complex data sources and bound controls.

I'll show you how to keep multiple controls that are bound to the same data source synchronized, and how to control the formatting and parsing of the data in those controls.

One of the key capabilities that has been part of Windows Forms since the release of . Data binding capabilities in Windows Forms involves support built into container controls (forms and user controls) as well as support built in to each data bound control itself.

This article will build on the information presented by Steve Lasker in his articles on "Drag Once Databinding" in last year's September/October and November/December issues of Code Magazine.

I'm going to focus more on the code you might write if you are wiring things up yourself to give you a deeper understanding of what the designers are doing for you when they write the code.

Note that the sample code for this article was developed using an early build of Beta 2.

The names of some of the key components and properties have been refactored since Beta 1, including the Data Connector component being renamed to Binding Source. You can more easily bind to collections of custom objects in .

NET 2.0, as was described by Lasker in his article.

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