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A MUST read, June 17, 2011, by Kimberly Mc George at Amazon - I think the price of this book is worth one sentence. So I’m going to do this in three ways, in no particular order: 3) Show you the table of contents and give you oodles of samples so you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the book’s right for you.

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Recently I did a supremely scientific survey of my readers who were still on the fence, asking them if it was starting to hurt sitting like that. You should probably step down and get an easy chair or chaise longue or something (and it is , not lounge, so don’t get me started on that — but I digress).

In the meantime, here’s what you said: Well, no, the book is not free — something has to keep the Moet and caviar flowing and the miniature elephants fed around here.

The book is potentially worth is very nearly free: $29.95 print copy, $19.97 ebook with embedded audio and bonuses, $20 audiobook.

Let me ask you — how much does one tepid date that goes nowhere cost you?

Paying for your own dinner and drinks would run you $30-$40. Well, $1200 Louis Vuitton bags and $600 Manolo Blahniks can’t make you happy (but they can make your feet hurt.) Ladies — I’m giving away gold ingots for peanuts here, $100 bills for pennies.

What if the book saved you from just one nasty, abusive relationship, or spared you one rancorous divorce? What if it enabled you to find the love of your life with whom you build a life and a family together? MOREOVER: you get a 30-day money-back guarantee from me. for all women, however smart…., May 02, 2010, by Ruth at Amazon - Dr Ali's style is no nonsense, but gentle - like a kind brother or friend.If you like the book, you’ve just gotten yourself the bargain of the century. The book uses both a scientific and spiritual approach. Dr Ali here, your friendly neighborhood author of books to empower awesome women like yourself. I’m thinking this book contains some kind of cure for you if some or all of the following apply to you: is an excellent time to be happy and fulfilled, don’t you think?You may have found us through a Huffington Post article, an email that was forwarded to you, a website that reviewed the book, or just good ol’ divine intervention. See, one of my mentors told me that if you have a solution to people’s problems, you have a moral obligation to let ’em know.If you’ve got a cure, you can’t be hoarding it while people in need are walking around! Since I don’t mean to be mean, I’m gonna ask all of you to get the book.Life changing viewpoint on dating philosophy for women.

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