Avril nyambura dating

Busiro MP elect, Peter Sematimba, was thrown out of parliament over inadequate qualifications, a position he has since appealed.The case has now bounced back to the appellate court to decide on the Super FM's CEO fate and until then, he will continue representing his constituents.

I've grown up watching this guy innovate so many ideas and I've always been impressed.

Yes he may have his personal issues but who doesn't.

If it comes to work, this dude will deliver on 1000 as compared to so many so called 'abaasooma'.

"I think people need stop being petty and look beyond how someone chooses to look physically, that's none of our business if he chooses to use cosmetics.

Question is will he deliver, is he smart and exposed, is he going to bring some fresh ideas, absolutely yes!

" What others are saying: "If Sematimba had been intelligent enough, he would have gotten those qualifications between 20, but he wasted time and money on make-up and 'mama lussusu' services." "It doesn't matter whether you drive a car in air, but if you don't have a driving permit, yo liable to pay fine or be imprisoned incase caught by a traffic officer!" "He can't convince me mbu his accent is American when he went through local Ugandan schools.Probably the English is fluent but the accent is forced." Star singer, Juliana Kanyomozi, 34, has released her first pic in the last five months captioned as: "Out and about with my two favourite ladies, mummy and Laura Kahunzirwekwanzi." "Post the full pic so we can see the bump..." "Wamma is it true that Mbu you're preggie?" and so many related questions followed but the Woman singer did not reply any of them.Word on the street is that she is three months pregnant in Kenya.Could her look alike mom and sister with a long name be checking on her and monitoring the progress?

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