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Even Jane Austen, writing in the early 19th century had heroines married at the earliest age of 17 or 18.In Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books, which are semi-autobiographical, her father would not allow her to marry until she was 18.Thus it can be said that the average woman was past 21 when entering her first marriage, 100 years ago.

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For example, in Mexico the mean age of marriage currently is 23.3 years for men and 18.4 years for women.

This has increased as well, reflecting Mexico’s increasing industrialization.

Currently the average age at marriage in the US is 26.8 years for men, and 25.1 years for women.

Fully one-half of the US population is now unmarried.

If one looks at US statistics over the past 100 years for example, one sees that men had an average age at marriage of 25.9 years in 1900.

Women in 1900 had an average age at marriage of 22 years.For some this shatters an illusion that women 100 years ago were sold into marriage as young children.The average age at marriage has risen in most industrial countries.Even countries with less development, or who have come lately to industrialization show a rise in the average age at marriage for women.These statistics may reflect a greater feminist stance in most countries, with more women working and completing college.As well they reflect a trend away from marriage in the US.

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