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So what is it about this particular set of qualities that make up a WUSSY that women just aren’t attracted to?Well, I really think that it all comes down to the fact that ATTRACTION isn’t based on LOGIC.

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In other words, it’s something that originates in your MIND.

It’s a combination of beliefs, as well as the communication of those beliefs through words, body language, etc. A woman can actually SMELL A WUSSY from an INTERNET PROFILE ALONE.

And as soon as you changed your profile around to get rid of the Wussyness in it, your responses changed INSTANTLY.

I have just reread your book again and I took a look at all my online profiles that I have posted in the past.

At first I didn’t want to believe what was in the ebooks but as I thought about it more and more I realized I was totally on the wrong path.

Then I was always wondering why no one ever responded to my profiles so I took a look at the profiles after gaining the knowledge from your ebook and realized they stank with wussyness that would make girls in a three mile radius run away fast!Well I changed my profiles and added a lot of C & F to it and just basically had fun with it and I can’t believe the success I have gotten from it.I am getting a bunch of e-mails a day from girls (I have gotten more e-mail in 2 days then I got in 4 months with my old profile). Just a comment I find it funny that sometimes I will see a girl that is about an 8 or 9 and when I talk to them for a while I find out a lot of them see themselves as just average or below average.I also have around 5 dates set up for the next three week period! Any insight as to why some hot girls (or cold whichever) see themselves as this when they could probably get any guy they wanted?Thanks again for all your hard work and from turning me from a momma’s boy into a real man (that virtual slap to the face really woke me up! Before I answer your great question about why beautiful women see themselves as “just average” or “below average” and what it means to you, I want to comment on your email…and in particular, the quote: I do believe that you’ve coined a new term. And I think that the reason I liked this one quote so much is that it just plain RINGS TRUE. And the fact that women can actually detect the STRONG STANK OF WUSS even through an INTERNET PROFILE says something even MORE profound…

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