An error occurred while updating the entries

The tutorial shows how to fix “An error occurred while updating an object. product ()” You can get this error in the process of adding or editing the product in Presta Shop when Presta Shop template is installed into Presta Shop version. How to fix “An error occurred while updating an object.We've seen a lot of errors showing up in our logs like this. Invalid Operation Exception: The connection was not closed.

an error occurred while updating the entries-63

Sql Exception: Transaction (Process ID 495) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim.

On Error(Sql Exception exception, Boolean break Connection, Action1 wrap Close In Action) at System.

Throw Exception And Warning(Tds Parser State Object state Obj, Boolean caller Has Connection Lock, Boolean async Close) at System.

Try Run(Run Behavior run Behavior, Sql Command cmd Handler, Sql Data Reader data Stream, Bulk Copy Simple Result Set bulk Copy Handler, Tds Parser State Object state Obj, Boolean& data Ready) at System.

Before the first Invalid Operation Exception in the logs we have a stack trace going through Run In Transaction.

Just found evidence to confirm the theory, so I'll work on the pull request.

Entity Work Item Repository takes a factory thunk for creating contexts (IWork Items Context) which it 1) steals the connection from 2) runs a query 3) disposes of the context and regenerates it IF no exception was thrown during the query The problem scenario is likely that a) first time we run a query we threw an exception b) second time we run a query, the same context item gets reused, but since we already opened the connection for the previous query, boom.

On Timer Elapsed(Object sender) So, read through Entity Work Item Repository code a little. Db Update Exception: An error occurred while updating the entries.

Finish Execute Reader(Sql Data Reader ds, Run Behavior run Behavior, String reset Options String) at System.

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