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The Amarok music player allows you to play various audio formats, create playlists, and to listen to streaming audio broadcasts of radio stations on the Internet.

It makes playing the music you love and discovering new music easier than ever before and it looks good doing it!

Amarok is based on the powerful Qt4 / KDE4 Platform and nicely integrates with KDE desktop.

Here we have a sampling of bugs to work on for Hug Day.

The file types supported by the applications depend on the engine used.

open SUSE currently does not benefit from an MP3 codec agreement.

However, community support for MP3 and alternatives is strong.For more information and any options that might work for you legally and technically, refer to and After you have triaged or fixed a bug put your name in the last column and set the row's background to green by adding lightgreen in the first cell of the column after "background-color:" and before ";".This will let people know that the bug in that row has been hugged.In Linux, find a variety of programs for playing music files, such as Ogg Vorbis or WAV.Ogg Vorbis is a free audio compression format that is now supported by the majority of audio players and even portable MP3 players.

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