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Nov 23, 1966: Pl sued for injunction against enforcement of resolution, for order requiring issuance of valid meeting permit.Nov 25: Ct overruled demurrer, enjoined interference with meeting: denial of park use for protected speech would be unconstitutional.

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ACLU v Burbank, Calif, City Council (Los Angeles Super Ct, #873069) ACLU sought permission to hold public meeting in Library Auditorium; denied: ACLU "educational," not "cultural" organization.

Cong Rec—House, H 5534, May 11, 1967; Je 14 1967, S 8187.

MATERIAL ON US SUPREME COURT: Article: Anon, entered by Glenn Cunningham, The Sup Ct is not supreme.

Nov 29, 1965: ACLU filed petition for writ of mandate: denial of free speech, assembly, and due process (vagueness).

A L Wirin and Fred Okrand, Esqs, 257 S Spring St, Los Angeles 90012.

Speech: William Proxmire, Senate failure to ratify UN Human Rights Treaties disservice to UN delegation.American Friends Service Comm, Liberal Religious Peace Fellowship v Anaheim City Council (Orange Co Super Ct) Pl-organizations received permit from Def to hold meeting in city-owned bldg on rights of COs on May 12, 1967.Super Ct held it had no power to issue preliminary injunction.") small Note Win.document.close() small Note Win.focus() } function Display Med Note(note Text1, note Text2, note Text3, note Text4) { var med Note Win ="","med Note Win","HEIGHT=200, WIDTH=400") med Note Win.document.write("") med Note Win.document.close() med Note Win.focus() } function Display Large Note(note Text1, note Text2, note Text3, note Text4) { var large Note Win ="","large Note Win","HEIGHT=400, WIDTH=500") large Note Win.document.write(" UN DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS: Arts 19, 28, 29, 30 Letter: Arthur J Goldberg to Orison Marden, Esq, Human rights conventions should be ratified.Proposed legislation: HR 9876, S 990: establishes US Comm on Human Rights to prepare for US participation in 1968 Intl Human Rights Year.Proposed constitutional amendment: 12-year terms for Sup Ct justices.Note: Free speech and prior restraints: Kovach v Maddux (238 F Supp 835, MD Tenn 1965).

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